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Mothers Against Murderers Association

Mothers Against Murderers Association (MAMA)

When someone dies in Palm Beach County by violence, the ripple effect of grief somehow, sooner or later, seems to wash up at Angela Williams' doorstep.

She has lost eight family members to murder in the seven years since she formed the Mothers Against Murderers Association (MAMA). The group counsels grieving mothers and, when they are ready, brings them to speak about the damage the murder has done to survivors, including children too young to remember a slain parent.

When her 29-year-old nephew was shot on New Years' Day 2003, Williams recalls, "I asked God for some guidance. I needed a vision. I needed something. Then as I was riding down 45th Street, I said, 'I'm going to start an organization to help others.' I wanted to do something with the word Mama."

MAMA was founded by Angela Williams in memory of her nephew, Torrey Donnell Manuel, who lost his life due to a senseless act of violence. His death is indeed an unspeakable tragedy. In addition to that, she also has lost five nephews and two nieces to gun violence in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The program's mission is to assist surviving parents or guardians of murder victims. They also are dedicated to providing quality programs for youth that will turn them away from violent acts.

Despite the group's title, the mothers are seldom against murderers. In fact, Williams counsels women that they will never get past the death of a loved one if they focus on the killer. Since many cases remain unsolved, it is often not possible to assign blame.

When the mothers feel they are ready to speak to a group, Williams takes them to prisons and youth facilities, where they tell their stories to the inmates, in the hope that someone will hear their message of the wide-ranging damage done by murder and take it to heart. In twice-a-month group sessions she leads, Williams sees women moving through rage, to forgiveness and, eventually, to advocacy.

Programs And Events:

Back To School Bash

Golden Touch For Girls (GTFG)
This program is designed to teach young women how to make positive choices.

After School Programs

Kids With Dreams Club
A place were kids can come to express themselves. They are able to do homework and have fun at the same time.

Summer Camp
Have fun in the summer at "Kids With Dreams Summer Camp." Come and enjoy field trips, art, music, dance, computers, enrichment, sports, etc.

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Mothers Against Murderers Association
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West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
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