National Network on Preventing Crime

Juveniles Understanding Discipline, Order and Service, (JUDOS)

JUDOS is dedicated to keeping Bay County youth out of trouble by keeping teens focused on developing positive behavior, valuing their sense of worth, and serving their community. JUDOS is a non-profit organization of concerned parents, community leaders, and all levels of law enforcement dedicated to making a difference. JUDOS has developed exciting, educational and innovative workshops and activities for Bay County youth as a means of crime and substance abuse prevention, as well as, intervention.

JUDOS provides participants with critical social and academic skills to help them better recognize, acknowledge, express, and resolve any problems or peer pressure they may encounter. Among the highlights of JUDOS is the program, “We Are the People,” that works to build trust and create a positive rapport between youth and local law enforcement. JUDOS mentors provide participants with one-on-one attention in order that no one seeking assistance “falls through the cracks.”
JUDOS is committed to keeping Bay County teens positively motivated, encouraged, and out of trouble through education, in part, with the following programs and services:
        Community Service
        Character Building
        Mentoring Program
        Conflict Resolution
        Incentive/Merit Awards
        Substance Abuse
        Crime Prevention
        Graffiti Abatement
        Teen Summit Meetings
        Field Trips
        First Time Offender Program
        Parenting Skills Training
Regular meetings are held twice a month.

Contact Information for JUDOS:

Dr. Tammy Anderson
Executive Director
112 Santee Drive
Panama City, Florida 32404
(850) 624-4073
Tammy Anderson <>