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Police Athletic League of Jacksonville, Incorporated

The Police Athletic League of Jacksonville, Inc. (JaxPAL) is a 501(c)(3) youth serving organization providing afterschool, summer camp, athletic, teen leadership and outreach programs to more than 4,700 of our city’s youth annually. JaxPAL is unique among youth development programs because we work to build respect, trust and friendship between police officers through our strong, collaborative partnership with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Our early intervention programs are located in some of our city’s toughest neighborhoods, where kids face a daily struggle against crime, drugs, and gangs. We provide these children and their families with the hope for a better future, and the support and tools needed to achieve it.

Our Mission
To enrich the lives of children by creating positive relationships between law enforcement officers and the youth of our community through education, athletic and leadership programs.

Our Programs

We are working to bridge the achievement gap by providing our students with the highest quality educational support. Our afterschool and summer camp programs utilize STEAM based activities designed to support academic achievement. Our holistic approach to student success also includes mentorship, homework assistance, recreational activities, nutrition, and mental health counseling.

Participating in sports provides many benefits to youth, including: increased self-esteem, developed social skills, and improved health and productivity. JaxPAL’s youth sports teach our athletes the value of teamwork, dedication, and hard work, providing them with skills necessary to build a bright, successful future. We offer basketball, tackle and flag football, boxing, track and field, and cheerleading.

Teen Leadership
Today’s teens are tomorrow’s leaders; their success is our success. Our teen leadership program is dedicated to ensuring that our teens have the professional skills needed to become successful leaders. Our teens participate in community service projects, attend leadership workshops, and organize their own meetings, all with the support and guidance of JSO officers as mentors.

Unfortunately, we cannot fit all of the youth who need us into the walls of our five sites. That’s why we have developed an outreach program that brings our mission and resources out into the community. Our MobilePAL, DNA Unique, Friday Night Live, and Lunch with a PAL initiatives bring officers and youth in our community together for positive interactions and constructive dialogue.

Contact Information:
Lt. Lakesha Burton, Executive Director
Police Athletic League of Jacksonville, Inc.
PO Box 351060
Jacksonville, Florida 32235
(904) 854-6555 Ext. 311
(904) 855-0646