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We're In It Together
The Florida Consortium of Urban League Affiliates, along with Derrick Brooks Charities, manage the state's Youth Crime Prevention and Intervention grant programs. In 2012 they have joined the Office of the Attorney General as partners in presenting this annual conference. We are truly in it together.
What Others Say
The conference continues to provide insight and a networking forum that addresses several issues affecting our communities, positively and negatively.
- Rodney Smith, Deputy Chief


Community Leader I appreciate the information on gangs and how to start a Coalition. I will use it to make changes in our plans.
Law Enforcement Patrol Officer Great conference with powerful, keeping it real sessions.
Law Enforcement Patrol Sergeant The conference was informational and educational. It was great and I wish it was longer.
Juvenile Justice Program Coordinator The location and materials were great. This conference feels like a family reuniting.
Community Volunteer I really enjoyed the conference. It was very informative and spiritually uplifting.
Pastor Harvey L. Riley, The speakers and presenters were great. Special props to Grammy award winning singer, Betty Wright. She was exceptional.
Gregory Davis Attending the conference in Miami was my first. Needless to say I enjoyed the activities. The presentation by Mr. Tony Parker on Choices, really hit home with my kids.
Probation Officer All the sessions I attended were very good. This was one of the best conferences I’ve been to. The information learned will definitely help me in the future.
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