National Network on Preventing Crime

Orlando’s Parramore Neighborhood: A Case Study in Preventing Crime in the Black Community

The neighborhood of Parramore is located in Orlando, Florida, and has a very rich and proud history. Over the years, many prominent members of Orlando’s African American Community have called Parramore home. Once a thriving community where residents, businesses and churches coexisted and prospered in the 1940’s and 1950’s, Parramore slowly slipped into a haven for drugs and crime during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In 1986, the very first National Conference on Preventing Crime in the Black Community was held in Orlando. The beleaguered Parramore Community was a main focal point of the conference and as a result, several meaningful strategies and recommendations were adopted and implemented within Parramore. In fact, there have been numerous successful operations conducted within Parramore to include of late: Operation Delta, Operation Duration, Operation Evaporation and Operation Cannon Ball.

In retrospect, the fundamental successes experienced in Parramore are a result of relentless effort and partnering with other agencies to effect positive change within the community. With the mission of “reducing crime and maintaining livable neighborhoods,” our success is attributable to a host of agencies including:

Mayor Dyer’s Pathway’s for Parramore Initiative

City Code Enforcement

City Waste Management

Parramore Kidz Zone

The Faith Based Community

Participation in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) programs

Continued success in Parramore will require a relentless team effort. Recent statistics indicate that significant progress has been made within Parramore and the City as a whole. A recent City-wide comparison of part one crime, reflect substantial reductions:

Murder / Down 40%

Aggravated Assault / Down 27%

Robbery / Down 39%

Burglary / Down 13%

Larceny-Theft / Down 9.88%

Motor Vehicle Theft / Down 22.9%

We are excited about the wonderful progress taking place in the Parramore Community. As Parramore experiences positive change, our challenges will include the blending of the old and the new. Parramore has a proud and historic past, as well as a promising future. For now, Parramore continues to be a work in progress.

For more information about Parramore and the relentless efforts of the Orlando Police Department, please contact Captain Robert C. Pigman, East Patrol Division Commander, at 407-246-4144 or by e-mail at:

For Parramore Kidz Zone contact:

Toni Shinn, Executive Director
Community Concept Services, Incorporated
649 West Livingston Street
Orlando, Florida 32801
407 292-6500