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Florida Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys

Inspired by the efforts in other states, State Senator Frederica Wilson with the help of State Representative Frank Peterman, led the charge to create a statewide council to address socioeconomic and other factors affecting the lives of black men and boys in Florida. In 2006, the Florida Legislature established the Florida Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys. The Council is charged with making a systematic study of the conditions affecting black men and boys including homicide rates, arrest and incarceration rates, poverty, violence, drug abuse, death rates, disparate annual income levels, health issues and school performance.

The Council is administratively located in the Florida Attorney General’s Office and has 19 members from the legislature, governmental agencies, public and private organizations and private citizens. Its duties and responsibilities are codified in Section 16.615, Florida Statutes. The Council is required to submit an annual report to the Governor and legislative leaders.

The goal of the Council is to propose measures to alleviate and correct the underlying causes of the conditions described above. These measures may consist of changes to the law or systematic changes that can be implemented without legislative action.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys is to identify and assist with the implementation of programs and services that will improve the lives of black men and boys through sound practices in the fields of education, health, family, economics, and criminal justice.

Vision Statement:
To create sustainable conditions in local communities and throughout the state which enhance the ability of black men and boys to reach their full potential.

For information regarding the Florida Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys, please contact:

Tawanna Leven Forbes
Office of the Attorney General
Bureau of Criminal Justice Programs
PL-01, The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1050
Office: 850-414-3369
Fax: 850-413-0633

(From left: Lillian Lima Council V. Chair; Richard Davison, Council Chair; Tawanna Leven-Forbes, OAG Council Staff)